Jeanette has over 30 years’ experience in toxicology. She commenced her career with ICI Pharmaceuticals in 1976. She then worked in the world renowned Central Toxicology Laboratory (part of ICI, Zeneca and latterly Syngenta). Her expertise includes the ability to abstract, collate, interpret and summarise data from mammalian and eco-toxicology studies and to present it in a format that meets the requirements of international submission dossiers for submission to regulatory authorities. (e.g. for OECD and REACH IUCLID 5 dossiers).

Jeanette is experienced in drafting summaries of endocrine effects from mammalian and eco-toxicology studies. She also reviews data to provide the basis for rebuttal statements, preparation of competitor reviews and auditing of studies for compliance with GLP. She has worked for clients in chemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and consortia.