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General Chemicals

General Chemicals

RSA experts have been providing advice and support to clients since before the first REACH registration deadline in 2010. We have expertise in assessing data completeness, advising on testing strategies including non-testing approaches (waiving and read-across), toxicology study monitoring and CLP classification. RSA can also provide focused services including theoretical toxicokinetic assessments and assessment of endocrine disrupting (ED) potential.

General Chemicals Services

Technical Services

• General toxicology
• Specialist toxicology*
• Carcinogenicity
• Endocrine disruptor potential

• Theoretical toxicokinetic assessment
• QSAR Evaluation
• Pathology and clinical pathology

• Analytical methods
• Environmental risk assessment
• CLH classification

Dossier Preparation

• Data gap analysis
• Read-across
• Testing strategies#
• Study summaries

Study Management

• Study design
• Study monitoring
• CRO liaison

*Specialist toxicology areas include genetic, mechanistic, inhalation, reproductive and developmental toxicology, and neurotoxicology.


Unveiling the indirect liver enzyme mediated thyroid effects of Valifenalate on rats and dogs which is not relevant to humans
Ecetoc Publication addresses dose level selection in DART studies