Head Office: Kip Marina, Inverkip, Renfrewshire, PA16 0AS

Dr Remi Bars

Consultant Toxicologist
About Remi

Remi Bars holds a PharmD degree and a PhD degree in Toxicology from the University of Paris-Sud, France (currently Paris-Saclay). He worked for several years in the UK at the Central Toxicology Laboratory of ICI/Zeneca and then as a regulatory toxicologist for Bayer Crop Science in the US (Research Triangle Park, NC) and in France (Sophia- Antipolis). For many years he was the head of a research toxicology group actively involved in mechanistic toxicology and in developing screening tools particularly in the field of endocrine disruption. He was part of the ECHA Endocrine Disrupter Expert Group until late 2021, representing ECETOC, to identify potential endocrine disrupting properties of biocides and general chemicals. Remi is currently a member of the French National Academy of Pharmacy in Paris (Pharmacology & toxicology Section) and the US Society of Toxicology (Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology Section).